Why I’m Quitting Social Media To Start A Blog

Today is the day that I am quitting social media. I no longer want to feel inadequate comparing my work to someone else’s who is at a different milestone in their journey than I am. I am tired of being bombarded by ads for things I don’t want. I want to share my thoughts and work without craving likes and hearts.

As an artist of sorts, self marketing is part of getting work. Marketing oneself on Instagram is a skillset that I don’t really have, or care to develop. If I’m not using the right hashtags, the right people won’t see my work and I won’t get noticed! Instagram is flooded with other creators like me. And if we’re all using the same hashtags, all my posts become lost in a sea of similar content. In addition, IG posts are ephemeral. They’re seen for a few seconds, then swiped past and forgotten. I found out today that IG posts do not show up in a Google search.

no more social media
no more social media

Now that I have a blog, what should I even write about? Well, I am a calligrapher, so there’s that. But what about calligraphy should I write? I figure I could chronicle the ups and downs of my calligraphy journey. Some days, my script feels clean and crisp, other days I feel like I never want to pick up a pen again.

I also don’t have to worry about cramming my work into the tiny little box that IG forces its posts to be in. Nor do I have to concern myself with what I affectionately call, “Instagram Trash,” the little superfluous decorative items that crowd just about every IG art post. “That’s some really nice calligraphy, but you know what it needs? A bunch of floral clutter to make it sing!”

In the mean time, it already feels liberating not having to worry about refreshing a feed.

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